Client Recommendations


Although I had some doubts about my dreams of becoming a homeowner coming true, MAGGIE  HOOD helped me accomplish it anyways!  In a very competitive market when several offers were put on houses the first day they were on the market, MAGGIE helped us put an offer on a home before it was even listed on the market!   Thank you, MAGGIE, for your determination and for helping make our dreams come true!

--Jillian Gilbert


MAGGIE is knowledgeable, hard working, and ethical. I never could have accomplished what she did in a very short period of time. She was a pleasure to work with and I'm sure everyone she works with feels they have received great value in their relationship.

--Tom Wilson, 2013


MAGGIE had creative ways to present us as buyers to sellers. She was courteous of our time/ schedule yet was able to work aggressively in the background without the "hassle" factor. Once in Escrow, she was "on it!". No stone unturned. I was using a very cheap ( but poor service) internet lender and Ms Hood kept them on time and to their promise. No one knows the Ventura area as well and because of her...we ended up with a gem. Thank you MAGGIE!

--Dan and Cathy Fox


   I  purchased a “short sale” condo in Ventura in 2012.  I saw a sign with MAGGIE HOOD’s name on it and called her.  Everything started to fall into place right away.  She is the best, most knowledgable, nicest, most cooperative agent I have ever met.  I am 74 years old, have bought 17 homes over my lifetime, and have sold 11, so I’ve had quite a lot of experience with Realtors.  Call her at 805-415-2255 in Ventura.  I promise you will have the best!

--Willadean Bryant  


We recommend MAGGIE highly as a Realtor! Recently, we decided to sell our long-time suburban home and relocate to a nearby beachside community for our retirement.  We wanted to be in downtown Ventura, close to the beach.  With the recent and probably permanent increase in fuel prices in mind, we also wanted a home within easy walking distance to grocery and other retail stores, restaurants, medical, bank, pharmacy, and the ocean.

There were not many places that fit all our criteria and our budget!   Luckily for us, we found MAGGIE HOOD and retained her as our realtor.  MAGGIE is a high energy person and an excellent Realtor.  A thorough professional, she knows her territory and the properties in it backward and forward.

We had to both sell our property and find a suitable replacement at the same time and Maggie pulled off this impossible mission, despite the terrible housing market in 2010-11.  She did an excellent job marketing our property.  MAGGIE had us in all area listings with highly visible and flattering presentations including many excellent photos and video, which generated a lot of interest and a great deal of traffic from home buyers.

In the end, we had several potential buyers and were able to achieve all our terms, conditions and contingencies we asked, and a better price than we thought possible.

On the other side, MAGGIE had to find us a place that met all our criteria, in a small highly popular location, that was still in our price range.  And she did.  She found the perfect property for us, and the only one.  But we had to close on the property before our other property closed and carry both loans, or risk losing it, and do it with a VA loan.

We were told it could not be done.  MAGGIE found out how to make it work, instructed the lender, and again MAGGIE, and her associates were able to pull it off, and we’re able to purchase our wonderful condo.

We recommend MAGGIE HOOD highly as a Realtor!

--Jeffry B. and Donna Brooks